An Skilled Vancouver Real Estate Agent Can Help Sell Your Home Quickly

Improving your home’s curb appeal to attract buyers is something that you can undertake on your own, with the help of a home improvements contractor. However, coming up with a deal sweetener, as Curtis suggests, is a totally different task that you might fail to perform properly. It normally involves a strong convincing power and an ability to create different options that still leads to a lucrative deal, and no one can do this better than a skilled Vancouver real estate agent like Jamie Hooper. Real estate agents in Vancouver can create home selling opportunities for you through various advertising and marketing tools, including a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Additionally, these professionals can help you in one very important aspect of home selling: valuing your home correctly.

Using MLS Listings in Vancouver to Find Your Suburban Dream Home.

This is precisely one of the reasons cited by property developers to explain the growing number of people who are looking for houses in Surrey, Fraser, and similar places. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Vancouver condos aren’t worth their touted value anymore; it’s just that more and more young people are starting to recognize their own needs and preferred living standards. Those looking to follow Bennett’s example in the near future should start reviewing MLS listings for Vancouver, such as those hosted by Jamie Hopper of RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside, in order to find their suburban dream home.

A Trusted Vancouver Real Estate Agent Guides Buyers in Making an Offer

Together with cities like Toronto and Montreal, Vancouver leads the nation in real estate markets that experience a continuous rise in prices and sales. Last June, “Vancouver saw its strongest month for house sales in more than three years,” CBC News reports.

Using MLS Listings in Vancouver When Buying Homes in a Sellers’ Market

The favorable conditions for sellers may discourage or intimidate buyers looking to acquire a property in this prime real estate region. What buyers should keep in mind, however, is that seasoned real estate agents can help them get the home of their choice, even in a sellers’ market; using their networks and resources that include MLS listings in Vancouver. Refining your choices Through the MLS listings, buyers can find available homes that suit their preferences. The database can be filtered by location, price, number of rooms, amenities, size, and other categories. An agent can help in customising the search, and buyers can receive updated reports on properties that fit their criteria.

Home Buying: The Perks of Working with a Realtor®

When it’s time to purchase a new home, you’ll start hearing advice on hiring a real estate agent. After all, a real estate agent can be instrumental in your quest for a home that suits your budget and lifestyle. Here are three reasons why.


Realtors® know they cannot work alone because of the limited inventory each one of them holds, and as such, they need each other to locate the right buyer or seller. Most Realtors® today are part of a network of realtors who use a common database for finding homes for sale on behalf of their clients. With this technology, your Realtor® can find a home that suits your preferences.


Big-ticket purchases such as homes involve the preparation of contracts and other legal documents before any deal can be closed. Even if you have basic knowledge of handling documents, you must not take this task lightly. Failure to meet contract requirements, among other things, can be sufficient ground for legal charges. It would be wiser to let an experienced Realtor® handle the paperwork for you.


Count on seasoned Realtors® to give you accurate information about any deal. After all, their profession and career is at stake with every transaction. Reputation may not be a big deal for some private sellers, but for most Realtors®, maintaining a good name is paramount.

Buyers and Sellers Alike Benefit from MLS Listings

In the past, buying or selling a house begins through word of mouth or newspaper ads. Thanks to the Internet, most real estate transactions are now carried out through multiple listing services or MLS. This technology benefits both parties in the sale of a residential property through a number of ways.
Buyers take advantage of MLS listings in order to learn more about prospective properties for sale in a particular area. Specifically, they look up the house’s exact dimensions, the number of rooms, amenities, and other pertinent information that can influence their decision. Listings can also provide pictures or a video tour of the properties on sale so that buyers don’t actually have to visit the properties in person to see what these look like.
Sellers, meanwhile, benefit from MLS listings because they get greater exposure for their properties, thereby increasing their chances of finding a buyer. The MLS itself also shoulders much of the marketing efforts since every house listed on it is also promoted by every real estate agent who uses that particular list. Sellers who put great stock in privacy can resort to ‘pocket lists’, although these may not attract a lot of potential buyers compared to an MLS.

Sell Your Home with Help from a Real Estate Agent

For a variety of reasons, almost everyone will realize the need to sell their current home and buy a new one. In selling their homes, owners can choose to go about it on their own, or get help from a real estate agent. Going with the second option means a better chance of getting the maximum value for their property.

MLS Listings Help Budget-conscious Homebuyers

The housing market follows the basic principle of supply and demand in economics. A low supply of homes in a thriving city normally equals a price increase, something which has been happening to single-family homes in Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Despite the bump in costs, many homebuyers are still determined to acquire a property in the area. Fortunately, MLS listings can help them find a home within their budget.

Reasons to Work with a Vancouver Real Estate Agent when Selling a Home

"As of present time, Vancouver’s mortgage rates are down, giving home sellers good chances of landing a buyer. However, while sellers may be willing to do legwork, they can’t say for sure that they will get the maximum value for their property. As such, locals can instead consider working with a reliable Vancouver real estate agent when putting their home on the market. Here are the benefits they can expect: Real estate professionals can thoroughly evaluate property. Homeowners tend to be subjective when it comes to assessing their property’s condition. They are likely to say their property is marketable as it is even when it needs a lot of work. Meanwhile, real estate agents in Vancouver can provide an objective viewpoint in assessing the property, looking into aspects that may need renovation or repair to help land a sale."

How to Help Your Realtor® Find You the Right Home

Despite their years of industry experience and their vast number of connections, Realtors® aren’t wizards. They cannot help you find the right home if you do not supply them with the right information. This often means your agent has to show you several types of homes to help you gauge what kind of home you are looking for.

Obviously, touring the different neighbourhoods in Vancouver can be a rather time-consuming process. Help your Realtor® help you by supplying these tidbits ahead of time:

Your Lifestyle

Vancouver has more than a handful of fantastic communities. If you do not have a particular community preference, help your Realtor® by mentioning your lifestyle. Are you the type who likes to party all night or the type who loves spending your weekends at a local park? Answering this helps your Realtor® determine which neighbourhoods you should be looking at.

Your Floor Plan

Go over the floor plan of your current home with your Realtor®. Note down which features you love and which ones you don’t. This helps your Realtor® narrow down your options by looking for homes that accentuate the features you love.

By keeping a clear line of communication with your Realtor®, he or she can help you find your dream home faster. Keep these two tips in mind the next time you go house hunting in Vancouver.

How Using Vancouver MLS Listings Can Help Budget-conscious Homebuyers

"On a positive note, the low supply of single detached homes hasn’t discouraged homebuyers from taking a big leap and buying their own home. However, the slight price increase does put a minor dent in the plans of aspiring homeowners, making it all the more important for them to find an ideal home that’s within their budget range. Take a look at how Vancouver MLS listings can help in their quest. How MLS work Multiple listing service or MLS is a database consisting of comprehensive information on properties for sale. The details include address, age, size, number of bedrooms and baths, costs, and financing options preferred by the seller. The data for MLS is compiled by real estate professionals. How it works is that one who listed the property can share commission with one who closed the sale, and they don’t necessarily have to belong to the same real estate company."

Stepping off into the Unknown

A house or flat can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. In some respects, buying one, particularly with the help of real-estate agents with quality MLS listings in their hands, is a sign that you are moving onto bigger responsibilities in your life. The real estate market, however, is as tough as they come, and not knowing the ins and outs of buying your dream home may not end well for you or your finances. Here are some steps to ensure your dream home will be a reality.

Many property listings are acquired using the financing route, hence requiring you to have a high credit rating in order to take out a good mortgage for the property. Your agent can assist in the pre-approval. Plan ahead by budgeting extra money for moving costs, utility hookups, and closing costs.

Although the listed property may be presentable on the outside, it can be a mark of prudence if you have a home inspector looking it over. If the inspection found no lingering issues, you can then close the deal. Whenever possible, put in a modestly large downpayment to help add equity to the house while reducing the mortgage payments down the road.

Your first house or apartment is a badge of honour if you’ve worked hard to make it happen. Doing your homework will keep you from turning the place into a money pit.

Don’t Be Hasty When Buying Vancouver Real Estate

As you may have heard on the news, the real estate scene in Canada is quite dynamic but fickle, to the point that experts still leave room for error despite predicting greater gains for much of 2014. Experts advise home buyers and sellers to work with reliable real estate agents when making and closing deals. Only real estate agents and their professional affiliates have the knowledge and proper “feel” of current market conditions, which enables them to determine the best times to buy or sell properties in different neighbourhoods, cities, and provinces.

Generally speaking, real estate prices go up the longer that properties remain unsold, and when population levels steadily rise. Naturally, you should pay attention to these two factors if you wish to get a good deal. You might also want to take the seasons into account: spring and fall are the times when Vancouver sees an increase in real estate activity, for example.

Finally, renovations and additions go a long way in increasing the value of a particular property, which can either be a good or bad thing for you, depending on the context. If you’re a first time home buyer, you should consider your purchase very carefully. Fortunately, real estate agents can help negotiate fair and favourable prices on your behalf.

Using MLS to Purchase Property in Vancouver

Vancouver has a number of promising residential properties up for grabs, and all are located in some of the most interesting neighbourhoods of the city. These homes vary in style, size, and most importantly, pricing. However, it can be extremely confusing and laborious for home buyers to manually search for different properties. Home buyers can save time and get better results by searching for their dream home with the help of a multiple listing service (MLS). 

With MLS, buyers can find listings for homes that fit their tastes and preferences. Whether buyers are shopping for a deluxe suite in the Western end, or a hip and affordable pad at the East, MLS is sure to produce numerous choices up for grabs. It’s an extremely useful service, yet smart buyers might want to enlist extra help to ensure that they’re making the right choices. 

MLS lists homes and their prices, yet what it doesn’t tell buyers are the peculiarities associated with each property—peculiarities that can only be gleaned from actually visiting the property. Home buyers should complement their house-hunting efforts on the MLS with the expertise of a local real estate agent. Agents are privy to the conditions of specific homes, and can provide further details regarding certain properties that the MLS might fail to mention.

How to Find a Trusted Realtor

Buying a house can be quite taxing; it involves a lot of decision-making that might get you into a bad deal should you mess it up. Thankfully, you can always hire a reputable REALTOR® to help you throughout the process. How exactly can you find one?

If none of your loved ones or friends use a real estate agent, then you can search online for one. Of course, you still have to do research on each agent, which takes time. Fortunately, you have an easy way to narrow your research by looking for one who is a REALTOR®.

The words REALTOR® and real estate agent may seem interchangeable, but they are actually distinctive. REALTOR® is a registered certification mark used to identify the quality of services of real estate agents who are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Not all real estate agents are REALTORS®, but all REALTORS® are real estate agents.

By now, you are probably wondering how to get started. CREA maintains an online database of REALTORS® so you can search anytime. You can look for an agent using basic search strings such as city and province in ascending order. Otherwise, you can use advanced searches such as languages spoken and specialties.

You will surely find many real estate agents in Vancouver, but now you have an option to find that agent you can trust. A REALTOR® can help you find the home you want at the price you seek. 

The Purpose of MLS Listings in Real Estate

It would be foolhardy for anyone to delve into real estate without first consulting a reliable multiple listing service (MLS). “Knowledge is power,” after all. Going by that, even homebuyers who developed some knowledge of the real estate market can essentially gain the power to become informed buyers.

An MLS is important because it powers up an important resource called the Home Price Index (HPI). The HPI shows trends in home prices for any kind of house in a municipality, neighbourhood, or region. Essentially, the HPI can help buyers to understand price trends that affect the market value of homes in a target location.

Given that the HPI offers a near precise picture of home pricing trends in a location, buyers can compare prices in an ‘apples-to-apples’ manner. This allows buyers to compare price trends between, say, Vancouver and Calgary, especially if any of them are planning to move to either location.

The HPI can also help buyers by gauging changes in home price over time. Buyers, especially those who do things themselves, can gauge prices for the overall market or for specific categories in a select area. Alternatively, REALTORS® or other real estate brokers can use the HPI to determine the right prices to buy homes.

Getting Help from a Vancouver Real Estate Agent Gets Buyers Good Deals

These numbers suggest that reputable Vancouver real estate agents have recently been quite busy helping both home buyers and sellers close a deal. With the stronger buying figures, however, come the often inevitable rise in property prices. The Huffington Post article also reports on the possible surge in home prices from $730,063 last year to $765,000 by the end of this year, and further to $800,000 by next year. As the demand, and the costs, of properties continue to rise, buyers may find it increasingly difficult to find the property that best suits their needs.

When faced with this difficulty, or any other kind of purchasing uncertainty, homebuyers can count on the services of a reliable Vancouver real estate agent who can help them find what they are looking for. While buyers can look for residential properties on their own, the services of a professional can put them at an advantage because of the latter’s extensive knowledge of the market. Once they have a good idea of what a buyer is looking for, established real estate agents, like Jamie Hooper, can use their extensive networks and real estate savvy to find property options that would suit their client’s preferences. These professionals can then arrange home tours for their clients, so the latter can check the properties on their own, and come up with an informed decision on which one to buy.

The Benefits of Being Included in Trusted MLS Listings in Vancouver

Balanced Market

A balanced market has an equal number of homes and buyers. Sales numbers are stable, and available homes can average three to six months on the market. In this type of market, sellers can receive some competitive offers for their homes.

In any type of market, however, sellers can always improve their chances of getting a good deal when their properties are included in Vancouver, BC MLS listings of trusted realty experts like Jamie Hooper. As part of these listings, a property gets the attention of buyers looking for a new home. Additionally, it also gets on the radar of savvy real estate investors who are looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by any type of market.